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    Ash from my flash sheet! #fantasticmrfox #wesanderson ❤️

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  5. "If everything in my life is broken; everything, my heart, my car, my job, my college career, my relationships, my friends, my hopes, my bank account, my future, if everything that I know and everything that I am is broken, and yet I am still breathing, does that in turn make me unbreakable?"
    — This Karma Tastes Funny (by Joe Rad)

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  6. My best friend for the last15 years died today of a drug overdose. I guess if you walk a tight rope for long enough you’re eventually gonna fall.

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    Watch the video of this cute rabbit falling asleep

    Nooo, that’s not a bunny falling asleep, that’s a bunny doing a flop! Bunnies flop when they feel safe and content!

    Listen to the bunny queen

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